9:20 AM 4/5/2017 Trade Manage Capital, Inc
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Securities & Exchange Commission Rule 606 report (formerly 11ac1-6)


Trade Manage Capital, Inc. utilizes many technologies to route orders to various market centers, listed exchanges, Nasdaq Market Makers and other market centers. In evaluating where to best route a client’s order, our processes and traders evaluate many factors, including but not limited to: the action in the particular security, the liquidity, broader market action, available systems and resources, and potential for achieving price improvements.

Trade Manage Capital, Inc. has access to more than a dozen liquidity sources for routing customer orders.   Knight Capital Markets (NITE), Interactive Brokers (IBKR), Citigroup Global Markets (SBSH) and a few others may provide revenue, which could be considered rebates.  To that end, virtually all ECNs such as Archipelago (ARCA) and Island (ISLD) may provide liquidity rebates.  

Trade Manage Capital, Inc. believes that any market center may provide value at a given time, and provide value to the execution of customer orders.  These companies can at times be tremendous market share participants in their respective markets and offer an added value in their execution services.   In all order routing decisions, the client’s best interests must be the motivating factor.  Trade Manage Capital, Inc. believes that it would be imprudent not to have relationships with such parties.